Staffing: who looks after the children and young people?

Under the overall leadership of a director, our teams are made up as follows:
  • Qualified youth leaders (with BAFA - certificate of short general training for youth leaders - or J+S) are always with the young people during the activities.
  • Specialist instructors (with higher education qualification - brevet d'état, diplôme fédéral, or J+S) are responsible for sports teaching (sailing, tennis, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, orienteering etc).
  • Language teaching is by university students or qualified teachers.


Your children's safety has been CSA's top priority for over 20 years. The facilities and water sports equipment which we hire comply with current safety standards and are tested by locally authorised experts. Canyoning, orienteering and climbing are led by professional staff external to CJSA.

The children's accident and emergency department of Sion hospital take care of the young people in the event of any medical problems.


We provide free transport from Sion station to the Chalet des Gentianes and from the Chalet des Gentianes to Sion station.
A highly professional coach company is used for children's travel.


Our cooks prepare meals which are healthy, nourishing and appropriate for sporting activities. We provide four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and supper. In the event of an allergy or food intolerance, please let us know when you register, so that special meals can be prepared.


In 1997 Haute Nendaz : LES GENTIANES.
Comfortable and completely safe with showers, bathroom and WC. Internal classrooms, games rooms, video room and theatre. The bedrooms generally have 6 beds, and young people share with others of the same age and interests. If your child wishes to share a bedroom with someone in particular (of the same gender), just let us know when you register.


  • Le Bouveret: Lakeside resort by Lake Geneva between Montreux and Evian (France), in magnificent scenery, surrounded by mountains.
  • L'Etang du Rosel: The lake, in Martigny, is traditional, family-friendly and ideal for sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Completely safe.
  • Haute Nendaz: A resort in the Valais, altitude 1,400 metres, in the heart of the four valleys, family-friendly and welcoming, for children and their parents.

Sports facilities

  • Le Bouveret: The water sports centre is situated in a small sheltered cove, gently sloping with a safe depth of one metre up to 200 m from the shore.
  • L'Etang du Rosel: Magnificent lakeside sailing centre, ideally situated for wind. Changing rooms, showers and shelter for meals etc.
  • Haute Nendaz: With a sports centre including 4 tennis courts, a football pitch and several multisports areas. Covered hall for indoor sports. All the facilities are near Chalet les Gentianes.


Up-to-date , high performance equipment is provided. For water sports activities, each instructor has a safety boat (2 safety boats - 50 life jackets - wetsuits. There are 15 windsurf boards, 6 paddle boards and 15 kayaks


Haute Nendaz

Patrice Journé
Avenue de la Gare 8
case postale 1262
1870 Monthey
078/ 716 64 87