Tennis Camp

  • Teens 9 - 17 years old

It's no coincidence that tennis is currently one of the most popular sports in the world.

CJSA is committed to making this game accessible to everyone by emphasizing "The Pleasure of the Game"

With CJSA, everyone will receive individual attention within a group setting where the fun aspect is always present.

Pick up your rackets and let's get started!

The Program

  • 20 hours of tennis Monday to Friday

    4 hours of tennis per day from beginner to advanced player

    You learn :

    The technical and tactical bases

    How to master basic moves

    How to manage strengths and weaknesses

    What competition feels like


  • Patrice Journé (former Swiss tennis team national coach)

    1 JS3-certified assistant or equivalent

    In case of rain, classes will take place in a covered court


Evenings with CJSA

Sports and leisure group activities. Raclette and barbeque party. Trips to the village. Disco party


Chalet « les Gentianes », Chemin de Bermouche 43, 1997 Haute-Nendaz (VS)


Program changes may apply due to bad weather.
For children from other countries, a health and accident insurance valid in Switzerland is required. Please see our terms.

Patrice Journé
Avenue de la Gare 8
case postale 1262
1870 Monthey
078/ 716 64 87